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We understand that it is more difficult to reach your health goals by yourself. That's why we don't want you to go at it alone. From busy schedules to kids and spouses and partners, we understand life... well, can get in the way. We have a growing group of motivated individuals who are committed to their health. We support each other in a safe, fun way online. We found all-natural products that help us feel amazing and increase our energy and if you are serious about your health, they could help you too.

Post a photo of one meal you eat once a day inside our private fitness group with thousand of members.
Post a 10 second - 30 second video of your workout as often as you workout in our group.
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With our all-natural health kits, your body will have the perfect dose of multi-vitamins, energy and fuel. What makes these products so different is what's inside. Just one tablespoon a day⌃ provides up to 98% absorption of the following: 72 Minerals, 12 Herbs, 19 Amino Acids, 13 Whole Food Greens, 22 Fruits & Vegetable Phytonutrients.

Safe, all-natural products scientifically tested to work.

Anybody can do this. It's so easy!

Our support group is here for your every step.


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All fees are waived once you purchase an all-natural health kit.

Alchemy Challenge

Access HD workout video clips to help give you ideas of different workouts you can do to achieve your desired health goal. Join us every week for strategy sessions where we talk health goals, strategize the best ways to get most from these workouts and more.  

$17.99 USD every month +
$9.99 USD setup fee